Who We Are.

We are the swiftest emerging consumables, spares and hardware suppliers in the Global Aviation & Aerospace realm.

DASPL Ltd. is well-known all through the aviation industry as an international business to rely on to obtain high-quality aviation industry components you require. The veracity of its operation and its assurance to excellence in consumer service is unparalleled. It gives individual thought to every solitary item governed by stern quality control according to established guidelines.

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Our ex-works pricing is a shipping agreement in which the seller makes merchandise available at a precise location, but the buyer must pay transport costs. The price quoted by the seller applies just at the point of origin. Our buyer acquires possession of shipment and abides by all costs and hazards linked with conveying goods to the destination.

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Ex-Works Pricing

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Merging multiple shipments to get low transportation charges is called consolidation. Inbound consolidation from our vendors is named make-bulk consolidation; while outbound consolidation to clientele is break-bulk consolidation. Consolidation Point is the location where consolidation happens. Consolidator is enterprise presenting services to grouped shipments, product orders, and/or items to assist movement.

We present benefits of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) that are expansion engines to enhance manufacturing, supplement exports and create employment. SEZs need unique fiscal and regulatory regimes to convey hassle-free operational management including state-of-the-art infrastructure with support services. SEZ units import from DTA without duty payment all kinds of goods/services, counting capital items.

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Benefits of SEZ, EOU

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Hassle-Free Clearance w/o HSS

High Sea Sales (HSS) is a sale executed by carrier document consignee to a different buyer while items are still on high seas or following their transmitting from port/ airport of origin and ahead of their arrival at destination.

HSS is established under import trade control regulation and contract/agreement must be signed after dispatch from origin & before arrival. Time and cost reduction are its benefits. DASPL Ltd. provides hassle-free clearance of supplies without any HSS.

Core Values

"DASPL Ltd is committed to customer satisfaction at every step."

Team Work

Working harmoniously as a team internally and with clientele to accomplish the finest results and objectives for any given requirement. Our mutual triumph depends on our combined team capabilities.


Strong dedication to brilliance for delivering customized services through an aligned team to bring about product excellence and strong service credibility to our customers.


Maintaining proper transparency and absolute honesty both as a team and to our valued consumers in communication, commitment, and deliverables.


Leveraging innovative outcomes by breakthrough thought for creating customized solutions that satisfy business goals and consumer expectations to realize our objective to emanate as a leader in aviation services.

Individual Respect

We are maintaining responsibilities to attain desired outcomes in the finest manner and also to create an environment where everybody is esteemed, empowered, and has a prospect to grow.


Product Range

  • We are an accepted supplier and distributor of aviation consumables containing fresh stocks at competitive prices.

    Aircraft Consumable
  • DASPL Ltd. is a highly-diversified customized hardware solutions provider with superior scale and product range.

  • DASPL Ltd. is a truly international enterprise with industry-leading quality raw material supplies all kinds of Extrusions.

    Raw Material
  • DASPL Ltd. provides inclusive tool management and supply by supporting users through entire life cycle of tools.

  • Sourcing and supplying of aircraft spares (fixed-wing and rotables) of DASPL Ltd. include Airbus, Boeing, and many more.

  • The essential precision instruments of the aviation realm offered by DASPL Ltd. include Testing Tools, Measuring Tools, and many more.

    Precision Instruments

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